Information Design Blog 6

When I saw this information graphic about Se7en Summits, I was immediately attracted to it. I enjoy the layering of information on the photo background, the photos of each mountain listed within the triangular shapes, and the clean white text. The data is laid out in a way that I immediately understood that the graph was showing the elevation of seven mountains. Elevation is listed on both sides of the chart; one side is in feet while the other is in meters. The name of each mountain is listed above its peak with its precise elevation, in addition to the name of the continent on which the mountain is located. Each continent had its highest mountain depicted on the chart and underneath the chart are world rankings of the heights of the mountains shown. I think this information has great visual form and hierarchy. My eye flows through the chart easily and the image feels balanced. I think it was clever that the designer used mountain shapes to display the elevation information in the graph. 



This brightly colored information graphic that I found on the side of an Emergen-C box suggests how I should fix the nutritious drink. In the cup of Emergen-C shown, there are dotted red lines to show the differences in ounces of water used. I liked how the levels of ounces in the chart had different levels of saturation. The top level is a much less saturated orange than the bottom level because it is the most diluted. It makes sense that when there is less water there is more flavor and I can see this depicted visually in the cup chart. One thing that I don’t care for about this information graphic is the red glow on the type and the cup, which seems more like decoration than necessary to the information. 



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