Coffee and Popcorn

Coffee in Rome
There are differences between the coffee served in Rome and the coffee found in a cafe in America. Luckily with the help of this data visualization, I will know just what to order. The poster has a visible grid structure with an assortment of beverages that are categorized. I think the mixing of illustration and photography works fine in this poster. The line weight is consistent in each of the beverage icons. The coffee beans, the cup of coffee, and the stain all help the subject come alive. You can practically smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing. There is a key that explains the colors used in the beverages. The division between hot and cold beverages is barely noticeable unfortunately. To add more clarity, the designer added icons to show that the beverages were either steaming or were served cold. It came as a surprise to me that a latte in Rome has no coffee in it at all! Image from:



Popcorn Instructions
The back of a popcorn bag is a piece of information design that I have seen many times but I have never closely examined it before. The instructions show and tell how to microwave the popcorn and open the bag effectively. The illustrations have a consistent style and minimal color. I think the word “pop” in the illustration engages the hearing sense of the person reading the information. The modules of information are bunched together and there is a lot of text. The last frame showing how to open the bag carefully is given more space than the other instructions. The instructions read from left to right in a way that makes sense. 



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