Information Design blog 4

I was perusing a magazine today when this page of information design caught my eye. At first, the dominant European countries map and the color usage drew me in. As a whole, the article talks about abortion policies in European counties and in America. The layout of information is nice, the narrative is interesting, there is good balance, and the icons below the map are consistent. However, upon closer examination of the map, I was disappointed that the colors and patterns used to make up the countries had no specific meaning. It would have been helpful if color codification had been used. For example, the countries with a 12-week abortion ban could have the same color or pattern. This would make the information easier to comprehend and would add some consistency. Currently, the map’s only purpose is to show where the countries are located while the important information is found in the text blocks. The main reason for creating the information graphic in the first place was to show the comparison between European policies on abortion compared to American policies. In my opinion, the information is there and the design is visually interesting, but the graphics could do a better job of presenting the comparison.


This poster is a fun way to tell about the life of a designer. I enjoy the combination of white graphics and text with the photo. The narrative is engaging and I think the way that the lines interact with the design tools at the bottom is visually appealing. The poster uses line graphs, bar graphs, and circular charts to display information. The drawings of the tools used by the designer could have been more iconic and more consistent with the other graphics. The drawings, bar graphs, and line graphs have similar line weights but the circular charts seem very heavy. In my opinion, this poster could benefit from a clearer visual hierarchy and more spacing between the modules of information. The text could also be simplified or perhaps even spread out because I doubt that many viewers would take the time to read the three paragraphs that are displayed. Overall I think the idea of visually displaying the information in this manner is very creative. Image from:



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