Information Through Wordless Graphics

Explanation graphic from the web:
Instead of step-by-step written instructions, this explanation graphic shows the viewer how a grapefruit should be eaten in a series of wordless images. The illustration style is consistent throughout all the panels and I like the simplicity of graphics. It is easy to move through the information because it is simply viewed left to right and feels similar to a comic book. The image is in black and white, which I think was a good choice made by the designer. Nigel Holmes once said, “introduce color only when the information requires it to clarify a point or to focus the reader’s eye on the point.” In this explanation graphic, adding color would only distract from the simple imagery. Words are unnecessary in this graphic because the information that is shown could be comprehended by a variety of people from different cultures.



Found explanation graphic:
This explanation graphic is one that I found among a set of instructions that came with a backup drive I recently invested in. The images show how my new backup drive is a portable solution to saving all my important files. The arrows suggest that I can unplug my device, place the items in my bag, and be ready to go. Similar to the explanation graphic previously mentioned, this graphic is a series of images and contains no words. In addition to the colors black and white, the designer chose to use the color red to highlight the actions. I have noticed that in many packages containing electronics, there are information graphics such as these because it is useful for the multilingual audience. Instead of explaining in twenty different languages how useful the product may be, there is one information graphic like this one that will suffice. 



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